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        Quivira Falls Community
       10990 Westgate
       Overland Park, KS   66210

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About This Site

This website is an open website. It is conceived and presented as a complete and detailed overview of Quivira Falls, its purpose, operation, and vision. There are no restricted areas that require either a user-name or password. Certain information, however, is available only to members at the Association Office. These are the member’s personal status, records, and files. Additionally, the Association’s legal, financial, and contractual information are available to Association members upon request.

Using this Website:  Navigating thru this website is fairly straight forward. The Main Sections are listed on the left side-column. Secondary choices will be presented after choosing a main topic. Sub-choices are given at some of the secondary pages. Returning to a previous page can most easily be accomplished by using the “back button” of your browser or if you are changing to a different Main Section click on the appropriate button in the left column.

Page Viewing:  Many, if not most, of the pages in this site are in PDF form. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer it can be obtained and installed from HERE. It’s free.

               Quivira Falls Community Association
               10990 Westgate Street
               Overland Park, KS 66210
               Telephone: (913) 469-5463
                  Email: quivirafalls@cmkc.com