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Community Governance

   Quivira Falls is a Planned Unit Development (PUD) and is a Not-for-Profit-Corporation. It is governed by Kansas Law (KS 58-4600); an Articles of Incorporation; Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Dedication of Easements (Covenants); and the Bylaws of the Corporation. These documents provide the authority for additional Policies, Procedures, Resolutions, Rules, and an enforcement/appeal structure.

    That all sounds rather ominous and restrictive but it is in place for the sole purpose of maintaining a uniform exterior appearance and maintaining the property values of the community. Once closing is made on a property and a new owner takes possession, he or she or they automatically become members of the Association and become subject to the governing rules and regulations. Therefore, it is in everyone's best interest to read and understand the Quivira Falls documents before purchasing Quivira Falls property.

     A member of the Association is entitled to the amenities provided for the members but at the same time members are also responsible for abiding by the Governing principals.  Generally speaking, an Association member is responsible for anything inside of their platted Lot or Unit. The Association is responsible for any repairs and maintenance to the exterior unit siding, roofs, and common ground.

    The rule of thumb is, "The Association Repairs and Maintains and the Homeowner Replaces."