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        Quivira Falls Community
       10990 Westgate
       Overland Park, KS   66210

             (913) 469-5463

Governance and Governing Documents

Community Governance        

                buttonred   Governance Summary

Governing Documents            

                                          (ranked by authority)
                buttonred   Kansas Law   -  KS 58-4600
                buttonred   Quivira Falls  -  Articles of Incorporation
                buttonred   Quivira Falls  -  Declaration of Covenants
                buttonred   Quivira Falls  -  By-laws
                buttonred   Quivira Falls  -  Policies, Procedures, Rules,
                                                  Resolutions, and Forms

General Information               

                buttonred   Quivira Falls -  Clarification of Responsibilities
                buttonred   Quivira Falls -  Management Team of Quivira Falls
                buttonred   Quivira Falls -  Association and Owner Responsibilities

                      buttonred  Warm Air Venting
                      buttonred  Waste Water Venting

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